We do not use pesticides, do not plow the land, but we mow the plants that many call "weeds", aware that root exudates and decomposition returns fertility to the soil. To all this we integrate organic fertilizers recovered from local farms that feed their animals natural feed.

This is why the quality of both flesh and skin is so unique!

ARANCEDANNO oranges reach you through a very simple process:


  1. You make your order.
  2. We pick the best oranges in the weekend.
  3. We wrap them up and send them each Monday straight to you.

This is very hard work, but we see it as a kind of therapeutic (you are welcome to join in!) and most importantly it guarantees a safe produce without any mechanical post-harvest alteration such as washing, grading or waxing.

We ship our oranges door-to-door, everywhere in Italy; for Europe, we ask you to group a minimum of 25 boxes. For more information, please contact us on

Our products are shipped in recycled cardboard boxes of 9kg (38 x 28 x 21 cm – non-calibrated).


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