The Farm

We grow our oranges in three different areas, all belonging to the territory of Lentini:


It is located on a 400 mt hill and covers a typical terraced landscape. Terracing is a landscaping technique, which has been used over the centuries to even farm in the steepest areas. Basically, a slope can be modified by engraving it into a series of receding flat surfaces that can host different crops at different levels. Even if terraced fields make irrigation and machinery use more complicated, it also has the advantage of preventing from winter and early spring freeze.
Indeed, this position not only provides a breath-taking view, but it also gives a unique taste to our Tarocco and Moro oranges.


It is situated at the foot of the same hill, just next to the village. It is characterized by gentler terrace, which makes the orange plantation easier to manage and offers a wider range of cultivar, including the Calabrese orange.
In some areas, the land is such deep and rich of nutrients that it lends itself to field testing for quality improvement.

St. Antonino

It is located at ground level, surrounded by many other orange fields, which all together compose the typical mono-cultural landscape of Lentini. The area is very fertile and easy to plant and offers Moro and Bitter oranges.

The Team


Uncle Jano

Uncle Jano is the very rockstar of the team. Born in ’42, his experience and dedication encourages us in the everyday struggle with typical problems of small enterprises like ours.


Paolo Fisicaro

Paolo is our director. He is an agronomist and landscaper. He fights every day with ivy, trains chicken, knows how to assemble a sling with dead branches and old shoes, and uses to recycle everything he finds in the litter to arrange garden boxes. His dream is to make Ciricò an outdoor lab, a set of educational and artistic “trails” to discover the rural heritage of Sicily.


Angelo Grasso

Angelo is an architect. He spent many of his summers with Paolo’s dad, picking up cherry tomatoes, making baskets with “cannizzo”, learning how to recognize wild asparagus from other invasive species and how to create a bamboo-cane rifle. And, on the top of all that, he was forced to eat an orange after another to understand the correct ripening, while Paolo was blissfully lying on the beach. In every family someone has to do the bad job, right? Right.
His dream is to support his bro in the creation of the outdoor lab.


Enrica Polizzi di Sorrentino

Enrica is the queen of arancedanno. Geographer, consultant for social entrepreneurship, she has been named “the Viking”. Designer of the SPICE-IT project, she’s got a unique talent in shaping and structuring arancedanno’s visions.
Don’t be surprised if you find her writing a new project at her hammock-office, planting saffron, preparing an amazing tajine in front of the farmhouse or giving the greenhouse an anti-rust coat.